Mobile Cell Phone Service in Long Island, Bahamas

No matter where you come from, you should be able to have reliable cell phone and internet service while in The Bahamas. You can use your roaming service from your home service provider or choose a local company for mobile and internet services.

Long Island has representation from the two most important providers in the country offering mobile cell service, landline and fax services, internet and television services.

You can purchase a sim card and/or cell phone from local providers BTC or Aliv and get a local number to which you can add credit and data. Other options include a VoIP (Voice Over Internet) device such as Magic Jack to make and receive calls.


BTC is partly government owned, offering a 100% digital switching system that allows communication with most countries and offers the widest range of services for business, home and mobile. BTC also offers an internet landline that includes unlimited calls to the US, Canada and other countries according to your plan.

BTC Bahamas International Mobile Roaming Partners
  • AT&T & T-Mobile in the USA: Free incoming voice, Outgoing Calling $0.25, text message $0.05 and data $0.15 per MB
  • Rodgers / Telus & BELL in Canada: Free incoming voice, Outgoing Calling $0.25, text message $0.05 and data $0.15 per MB
  • LIME/FLOW in select Caribbean countries*: voice per minute $0.33; Text $0.10; Data per MB $0.6

Check this link for updates and current rates


Cable Bahamas offers REVoice internet landline services for unlimited calls to the US, Canada and Caribbean. REV internet service gives you a fast and dedicated internet connection. 

Cable Bahamas also offers the ALIV mobile network of LTE coverage throughout most of the country. ALIV retail stores offer devices, phone cards and help with prepaid plans for phone calls, text messages and data usage. International roaming is available via more than 600 network operators in nearly 200 countries.


US cell phone service provider T-Mobile may be your best bet for economical cell phone service while in The Bahamas. Here is a link posted on the Facebook Page Island

This is a follow-up to a post I wrote several months ago about telephone service for those of us who live in the US and Long Island. I spent months researching the best solution after I couldn’t afford AT&T’s insane international plans. I had decided to switch to T-Mobile and get a BTC or Aliv phone for here.

Well, I did indeed switch, but the plan was so affordable when I’m here (got the “senior” rate – ha!), that I didn’t end up getting Bahamas service. For $79/month, I get truly unlimited data (roaming) and texts, and phone calls are 20 cents a minute. That was the part that made me pause. But I have a landline here for local calls, and I found I didn’t make a ton of long-distance calls while I’m here – texting and emailing works just fine! So my total monthly bill for everything from T-Mobile is averaging about $100/month while I am on Long Island. My AT&T bill used to be $300/month, and I have no clue why I didn’t make this switch sooner, but for the fact that I’d been with AT&T for 23 years…..

I’ve had great success with the roaming data, and zero dropped calls, so I highly recommend T-Mobile and their international plan! Just thought I’d close the loop 



BTC Deadmans Cay office: (242) 337-0097 or 337-0098 or 357-1014
HOURS: Monday – Friday 9AM – 4:30PM

BTC Simms office (north Long Island): (242) 338-8000
HOURS: Monday – Friday 9AM – 4:30PM

Aliv Hamiltons office (south Long Island): (242) 823-6850
HOURS: Monday – Saturday 8:30AM – 4:30PM.

Dial 916 for location directory assistance

Dial 0 to reach an operator for international, island-to-island and domestic calls